Powerball at 75

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cash value is at 47.2% though. a new low.


That means Powerball has set yet another new record!  The lowest cash value ever!  Wow!  I bet some people are really happy about that.



It looks like 2 winners of $200 K COULD have had 2 MILLION if they had spent the extra dollar and selected PowerPlay.

Doh !!!  Bang Head

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on 3/8 I matched 1+1 with powerplay for a cool $20

last night I had my traditional 0+0 for a whopping $0

at least the next few draws are still "on the house".


If people ever win any PB Jackpot, they'll likely to choose cash because annunity has a big backload. PB keeps setting annunity records so they want to limit as many 5/5 winners as possible.


I'll bet even their cash jackpot is setting roll records this run though.

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