pb scruples need checked !!

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Hit With Stick I totally had this thing nailed and they screwed me again. (no, not with my posted numbers but the numbers I actually played.)

what? do they have some computer that checks to see if there is a winner? and if there is, they change the damn numbers?

No scruples I'm telling ya' !!!!! None !!!!!
Hit With Stick

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so tell me, when will it be safe say there might actually be a winner? when we break the last record? that's getting old don't you think?

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and yes.... I hope they had to pay out a load of 200,000.   winners tonight.


I think it's safe to say there will be a winner when all six numbers drawn match those on a player's ticket.

I can't count the number of times I've correctly selected the winning PowerBall combination, only to discover the next morning that the wrong balls were drawn from the hopper.

Stick with it, spy153 ... You'll get there.

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Poke your not helping me here.

but I love your signature line


Sorry, hon ...

I'll try again:

A priest, a rabbi and a lottery director walk into a bar ...

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ROFL stop it! stop it!


and yes.... I hope they had to pay out a load of 200,000.   winners tonight.

Quite the opposite occurred. Powerball had only two $200,000 winners when they statistically expected five.



They only had 19 4 + 1 number winners and 3 more 4 + 1 winners with Powerplay.

What a great week for the people who run the lottery.

2 winners of $200,000

19 winners of $10,000

3 winners of $100,000

That means they only had to pay out $890,000 in top tier prizes.  Not even $1 million total.  But hey it's America's game and each week they set a new roll record.  I'm sure the good folks at Powerball would like to thank to all the people who "wisely" purchased Powerplay (including me) just as soon as they get back from cashing their bonus checks at the bank.



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you sound happy about that ryanmSkeptical

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Great for them is the fact most people can't distinguish between an annuity that gives 47% cash from one that pays 58% cash. The fact that MUSL keeps focusing on the second place prize just proves they aren't much smarter.

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