What are some of your Good luck and bad



Here is some of my good luck material.. or things i do.

 1. Praying to the Lord to have me win the lottery is bad luck to me

 2. I had a uncut two $2 bills that I took out of my wallet and stored it somewhere else

 3. I buy tickets after dreaming of winning.

 4. Japanese music is bad luck

 5. If i'm in line to buy lottery tickets, and if the person in front of me speaks Spanish.. its bad luck.

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finding a penny and my moonstone ring - good luck

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If any of you are familiar with coast to coast am radio - George Noory hosts it on weekdays, Art Bell on weekends - every so often there's a guest, Glynis McCants, a numerologist.

Well, long story short, she suggests everyone carry the number 8 in your purse or wallet. Any 8, just written on a piece of paper, and 8 out of a lettering set, any 8.


Her site is: 


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Coin Toss- How intrigueing! I recently had my card reading done and my teller said the number 8 was going to carry me thru financial times! I often play games ( scratch offs ) that have the number 8 in its title and sure enough I hit a $100 win on a game called 'Pieces of Eight".

Some other things Ive learned: Thursdays' are the worse day for me to buy tickets. Most unlucky day of the week for my karma. Penny down doesnt make me frown, it makes me a penny richer! So I pick it up, be it heads or tails.  Good luck has always come when I wasnt paying attention to it or trying so hard to beat a system.  If the person in front of me is playing the same Quick pick game, I leave and go else where. Lady Luck doesnt tap each consecutive ticket I've found out. My nephew attracts luck. So I take him with me sometimes to guess numbers or get instants. I've yet to loose when he is around!

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