My right palm is itching

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Yep, last time that happened, I got a nice hit on an evening P3....281 I believe.


Or, it's because I was mixing / pouring concrete footers all morning. LOL!



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Lol...hopefully you'll get a nice hit!

My right hand used to itch a lot and the only money I would get was my paycheck. Lately, every time my right hand itches I do get a hit.

Good luck to you...maybe you should try 281.


Ok I'm playing 281 tonight.  (GA)

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Yep, got it too! Good luck to you all too. Let's get'em tonight!


good luck snakeyes!!

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So what does it mean if the LEFT hand itches like crazy?

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I don't know. My left hand never itches. I guess it could mean the same thing - $$$.

Was speaking to my mom today and she told me that her left palm was itching. I'll let you all know if she's the next PB or MM

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Anywhere on my hands itch and I usually lose something. Money ,car keys, an important paper etc.


LOL What happens when I scratch my head?

It happens often....LOL

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either hand itches rub it on some real wood for good luck.

Pac when your head itches might need to wash it LOLROFL


either hand itches rub it on some real wood for good luck.

Pac when your head itches might need to wash it LOLROFL

No. It means I'm confounded, confused, and clueless. LOL

You mean once a month isn't enough? LOL

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if your leftt hand is itchy u will recieve money.....meaning u should play.....if your right hand .....sorry u will give money away.........true true true....hahahaha

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tiana, i am sorry but i think you have it reversed; right hand, receive money....left hand itch means you will spend. 


Groucho Marx said:

"When your nose itches, it's a sign that it should be scratched."

I don't see why that same wisdom wouldn't apply to either hand as well ...

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According to my grandma when your right hand itches you are due for some money

but nowadays you are probably allergic to the hand sanitizer---

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