Horse Racing, Hawthorne Sat.

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My son just went to the track with his buddy. Strongest program number today is # 4 followed by 1, 3, and 7.

He always asks my opinion before he goes and using the program odds and Inspect 3, I came up with the following picks. He plays exactas so I suggested 4-1, 4-3 and 4-7 boxes; #4 to win all races.

His buddy plays trifectas so I suggested 4-1-3-7 boxed, all races.

We'll see what happens. What?


i go to the dog track in west memphis,arkansas and play the dogs. here a few years ago i hit for 1,200 on a trifecta.then i got greedy and blew my wad.i did that too when i first started on the lottery i won 5 grand playing a pick 3 number 10 times straight.then i blew all that on powerball,lol.i try these days to limit my bets.i just won 2,225 bucks on betslips on a straight 25 cent pick 4.what are some good horse tracks?
thats a good idea rick.thats what i do i play a couple numbers for the whole program on trifectas.the exactas don't pay but 20 or 30 bucks sometimes.i heard calder and turfway were good too......

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Mike, congrats on your pick 4 win.

I have had more success playing trifectas like the pick 3 than trying to handicap them. Every once in a while you get a $2000 win and the odds are lower than the pick 3 (with only an 18% take from the track). The trick is to play it mechanically and throw the Racing Form away.

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thanks rick!!

thats what i usually do is instead of reading the racing form i just pick a few numbers and play them until they hit.sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.good luck to your son and his friend!

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MY Father in Law ( may he rest in peace) LIVED for the race tracks !!!!  He use to have the greatest luck and knowledge with them... he would go of course over a period of time and hit nothing but then a couple times a year he would come home one happy man!!! I never really learned anything about them from him, The track is about 2 minutes from my house and I have not once placed a bet in there... Maybe someday when I learn a little bit about them.

Mike , you mentioned that you play on betslips, I have looked at their site. Glad to hear that you won there I have wanted to try them but these days you dont know who or what you can trust on the internet with all the scams , now i may just have to try them out!!  AND CONGRATS!!!!Hurray!

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I play the horses every is a lot of fun. I have great handicappers, and continue to have a win just about every day.

Sassy - I will be in your neighborhood in a couple of weeks...I might have to run down to Turfway Park sometime that weekend.

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