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The Vtracs have been informative, though i have not mastered it, i can certainly see different ways to use it as a great tool to narrow down plays and catch a straight, maybe this information can be used in all states.  The main reason that i would like to have it in a p4 chart with the mirrors the way Todd did the p3 is i believe that the Vtracs are certainly relative to one another and that certain Vtracs bounce off of one another and that certain Vtracs are repeaters.  if i played Vtrac 1234 as an example: (have no idea what even exist in that Vtrac) but let's say that a set/string of numbers were:

2345 - 6789 - 1728 - 2100 - 1670 - 3353 - 7368 and below would be MO infamous h/c/o-due digits, i'd consider missing digits as well and i'd play that 7368, 6789, 1728 straight and run it down and find all existing combos and straight them all, inaddition i would use other tools and lessons learned along with this information. i'd also search out what other Vtracs contained the digits below and do they correspond with the set/strings that i'm running down. i figure that if i multi-played both draws and multi-played a few days, i'd snag me a straight. Other tools would consist of Maloney's $Gems, LDave, BApple, Salstx, Loots, NBey6 work-outs. 

Now because we know that 773-733 $Gem likes MO, i see right off that the posibility exist of 773-337, i'd play them with a 6 because that 6 had been running hot and has now fallen to the o-due position, and because LD work out gives me 6-1 for Saturday.  Best Picks noticed particular Vtracs running in a patteren, i'd hold fast to that and probably ride it out and take an extreemly close look at it and all corresponding trends!  like that 3353, i'd play it just because it was a $Gem, matter of fact any $Gem that would show up in a set/string i'd play it and encourage you to do the same, if you look at the history of the $Gem, it's a frequent flyer, (that part is another story) i don't think that i am to far off in this idea and i really think it could be applied to all states.  this information is just an example, but the digits below are current for MO.

 M3    E3

182    621

765    937

081   768 

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Thanks for the numbers, Ducks.


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hey Bryan, been missin ya'

an additional thought or question has just come to mind, what if the actual number, like 4 Eve, actual number was 2432, what numbers would lurk in Vtracs, 2234, 2344, 2432 (Don't know if these acutal tracs exist) but my idea or question is, what is the posiblity of the next draw or a few would be contained in that actual trac, if it existed? perhaps, in a neighboring state like IL or any state?


Vtrac was 3543, 2432. 

i like, 7736, 7731, 9773

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Best Picks,

Really thinking that what ever falls in any state is a big key to the next falling trac.  Any thoughts/ideas?  (Let's see if any of these sets that have already hit, become a the actual Vtrac in the next or within a few draws or how many draws before it shows up, perhaps it's in a double trac or the double itself may bring a trac, like mentioned earlier, 2432, 2344, 4423, 2234.  Any-who, let's watch and see!:) my idea is that a Vtrac possibily becomes due when the actual draw falls.  And when that trac doesn't show, it might make that track Over-due.

7681, 3371, 3391, 3Just another idea!Shocked

MO@1pm, Moon 4-9

@ 7pm, Mercury 3-6-8-1

M3     E3

182    621

765    937

081    768 

Fri., Mar. 10th
Fri., Mar. 10thE2-4-3-2
Thu., Mar. 9thM3-7-4-5
Thu., Mar. 9thE5-5-1-0
Wed., Mar. 8thM6-2-9-6
Wed., Mar. 8thE4-0-3-4
Tue., Mar. 7thM1-9-1-4
Tue., Mar. 7thE8-8-6-9
Mon., Mar. 6thM7-3-2-7
Mon., Mar. 6thE8-2-8-7
Sun., Mar. 5thM7-8-3-0
Sun., Mar. 5thE6-1-5-1
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hey duck

MO results for 3/11    391 and 9140 got our 3  Disapprove

got to run  talk later

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