What would you do if?


You knew the exact numbers for the MM jackpot tonight.  What would you do?  How would you act going into the store to fill out a playslip?  My hands would be shaking if I knew I were buying a piece of thermal paper worth $millions.  hehe

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Wow, I would fill out the slip and wait to be a Millionaire then I would scream and cry and Thank God for the blessing. No More work lol I would just chill and get the things I always wanted.  There are so many things I would do there is no room here to list them hehe. 



I would buy 100 tickets with the same number.  $18M, cash before taxes, and I have 100 tickets with the winning combination!  Then, if some one else won, I could laugh all the way to the bank, knowing I only have to thank myself for being smart enough to buy enough tickets to take home the largest percentage of the money! $17.8M would keep me laughing every night forever!

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Giggly I like that Chewie hehe. Chewie you from New Jersey

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