What Will You Be in your Next Life?

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Not lottery related but just for fun:

What will you be in your next life?

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Gee, I'm coming back as an alligator.  Dead

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Hey! that is a cool site! Turns out I get to roam the african range :) I'll be a zebra!


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I'm coming back as a High Roller.Big Grin

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as the planet!

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That is so cute,  I am coming back as ...

A Bear!  lol.. They are cute:-)It showed a black bear, not as mean as the grizzlies,hehe

maybe i be tearing thru your campsite one day, watch out!lol

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I am coming back as a rhino!!


i'll come back a chihuahua!

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As i am the last sign in the zodiac and been through them all I expect to be ascended.

I choose not to believe in reincarnation.

If I thought I'd have to go through all this again, I'd kill myself right now.

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A rhino very nice


I am coming back as a parrot. Why my friend is coming back as a rabbit

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I'm coming back as a lottery player. Yuk, Yuk

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Definetely the same that I am now, except with more money, more children and a bigger house..........




   LottoMike,Everyone tells me that they want to come back as my chihuahua,she,just like all my other pets are soooo spoiled rotten with love and attention.I will come back as a mermaid.

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