BS Cash Winfall Jackpot Prediction


I think the mass lottery's just getting greedy when it comes to predicting the jackpot for Cash Winfall. Last night's jackpot was $1.55m, and now they're predicting $2m for Thursday! When the jackpot was $1.59m a couple of months ago it just barely broke the $2m threshold, and if it goes up by the same about this time, it'll only reach $1.98 m.

This game is SO MUCH BETTER when the jackpot actually does reach $2m. Usually I buy a lot more tickets when I think there will be a $2m jackpot, but I don't think it's going to happen this time. I think the MSLC's just getting greedy, like the Texas lottery did over the summer.

I'll probably just buy a couple of $2 tickets for this one, instead of a couple hundred! Be warned! Tell your friends not to fall for this trap!


I totally agree.  I usually buy quite a few MA Cash Winfall tickets every time the jackpot goes up to $2M, because the winfall makes the prizes worth a lot more.  I've won $40 or $50 three or four times already.  But I think you make a great point here.  It's not gonna actually hit $2M like they predicted, and the game is really not worth it when match 3's are only 5 bucks.

I'm skipping this drawing and playing on Thursday instead =)


I'm going up to Sheffield today. I skipped the last $2 million jackpot.

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I don't live in Mass and I noticed that also.  But its not greed.  If they were greedy they wouldn't let the jackpot get up to $2,000,000 on a Monday night jackpot.  They will have enough for the jackpot.  If I recall the last couple times they have has 2.3 and 2.4 million to spread out between the prizes.



Last night's CW fell short. BTW I did not play.


Can anyone find last night's (3/16) prizes? It rolled down.


Click Cash Winfall

then click Search Numbers, and enter the drawing dates...

Values for last night:

5 out of 6:  $27,742

4 out of 6:  $1,079

3 out of 6:  $35


CW seems to be rolling over less per drawing. I hope the botched jackpot prediction didn't hurt the game.

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