Ga Cash 4 -What's up with it?

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Ok, I went into the store to play 1190 $1.00 and I got 1190 str./.50 straight and 1190/.50 box. My play was split up and the guys said that the machine printed it out this way because it's the new way the game is played. Did I miss something because the payout isn't the same. When did the payout change?

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I asked the same question. I played your 9876 on Sunday and got 2 tickets 1 50 cents box and 1 50 cents str8. The cashier told me that this was the new way for cash 4 tickets due to the GLC getting too many people downtown for $100 on a box or under $600 they want the retailers to pay at the store. If you get a str8 for $2500 then you would go downtown, Too much traffic at the GLC I'm told. Does that makes sense?

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According to the back of the slip Straight Box pays $3099





Split it up for .50 straight                                        $2500                   

                    .50 box                                                  $100/$200/$400/$599

The payout is the same. It hasn't changed, just the way the ticket is printed


Yes... I used to get all my numbers on one ticket now a separate ticket is issued for each number

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