cashman87 point well taken

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your point is valid and well taken..I am just trying to make a convincing argument that a person can

tell what is coming out in the future withour having to deal with the entire set of 1000 numbers..I ASK THAT EVERYONE HERE give me a couple of months for these locks to cycle through..if I havent hit anyting by can call me a see how big these locks are right..most are around 40 numbers or so..,,when they cycle through I am going to HIT THIS SITE WITH 4 NUMBER locks..that is 4 numbers for each pic 3 in every state..8 numbers works well also..but I can get it down to bare with me..I appreciate the response to my was nice meeting you..I am new here .but I like this site very much..I enjoy reading about all of the different things that are on the market..of course I still prefer what I can do until someone can place a pic 3 in a public newspaper and it come out more than once..I will stick with what I found..oh the way..I have done the newspaper thing 5 times already..SO I HAVE DOCUMENTED PROOF..that is why I posted those locks in the the way..I have never seen a wheel thingy..just exactly what is that if I may ask?..or more to the point the basis of it function..


Sorry if I offended you.

But, keep plugging along, maybe you'll get something that can give you hits day in and day out.  I have some really precise methods, and even I can go on a little dry for a few days.  But, that's just a few days, and then I come back with straight hits and box hits, coming out daily.  Just, keep doing what you're doing.  Sorry if I seemed like I was just directly ragging on you.  Just wanted you to see my point.  and, It's obvious you  The post saids it all!


Alright, I'll leave ya alone!  Sorry!  (Cashman, you doofus!  Quit bothering people!)

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..I have never seen a wheel thingy..just exactly what is that if I may ask?..or more to the point the basis of it function..

Did you click the "Wheels" link on the left of the page?  There is an explanation + more.

Just one example.  Say you choose 4 digits  (1,2,3,4) and you want to represent all of them in multiple tickets for a Pick 3.  A wheel will produce this:

123  124  134  234

All 4 digits are played with all the other digits.  Notice, those are not boxed.  You can box them as well.





The best way to prove your system works is to post predictions in a controlled environment where everyone can see beforehand. I am a newbie but I wouldn't take the word of anyone with a a"system" who hasn't been able to post one prediction much less for an accurate one. I am deveoping a system and I am posting predictions. I will post less and less numbers as the days go by--for my definition of a system is you have to keep the number of predictions under 6 with a refresh rate of every 2 days maximum. A system doesn't have to produce exact hits with perfect regularity but it must at least consistently throw up close calls that can be tweaked by applying other systems. A system exists in relationship to other systems.

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