If a nationwide game comes along....

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I have been thinking about this and if for some reason MM and PB merge into one game I don't think they would raise the odds more than what MM has now.  1 in 175+million is long enough odds as it is.  But one thing they should do it raise the price from $1 to $2.  They can keep the odds the same as Mega Millions and with the $2 price you would expect people to buy half the amount of tickets that they do now.  Not only that but more money would be able to go to the jackpot and it would create Mega rollovers and huge jackpot amounts.  The minimum jackpot would be at least $25 million and we would see $100,000,000 jackpots every other week.  I think it is about time that we get into one huge game.  Even though I like playing PB and MM now when each one goes on their rolls.  But for surely they should not raise the odds higher then they are now.  I mean if they explain to people that instead of raising the odds to 1 in 300 million to accomodate the population base that we are just going to raise the price people wouldn't care.  I mean I would rather pay $2 a ticket for long-shot odds than $1 for even longer-shot odds.


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The odds would have to be over 300 million to 1 to take in the amount of players that could possibly play for the jackpot.  Plus they would be shooting themselves in the foot if they raised the price of a single play to $2 unless they included a multiplier with that $2.  Who is going to buy those $2 tickets with over 300 million to 1 odds.  $1 per play is the way they can get people to spend more money and give them an option of having something like a multiplier or powerplay added to the ticket.  That is my opinion.-weshar75

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No what I am trying to say is to just raise the price....leave the odds alone at 1 in 170 million.  Really if it gets any higher than that it is just getting ridculous.


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People wanting just one game would get a game with at least 1:225 million odds, possibly much higher. Plus there would only be one jackpot, so once it's hit there is no other game to play if the other games jackpot is high.

Another big let down would be if the one game were stuck in a rut like Mega Millions. Considering it's odds it should have had the top three spots on the jackpot levels but instead has never rolled past the 300 level. Why? Because people keep winning it. Just for sales reasons one game would have to push up  the odds where it could get record pots.


I oppose this idea strongly.

I believe it would create fewer large jackpots, not more.  In any case, the odds would become so long, that the probability of winning would be more effectively reduced.

Also, the game would necessarily involve lots of periods during which there are no big jackpots.   I prefer having two options, MM and PB, that are out of phase with respect to jackpot size.

I note that the idea would be particularly bad for stores in border areas, such as the border area where I live. 





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