Jackpots a Jumping


$12 million jump in PB                 $6 million jump in MM    why are sales so high

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Maybe spring fever. I seem to be playing more as well, need that mansion by the time springs gets here.


Advertisment maybe?

I have noticed tons of powerball commercials on tv lately.Also powerball has been on the news alot about the feb 18 record jackpot.Also they are having the 10x power play promotion which will Double sales to 2 dollers per number picked for the people choosing power play.

I wish power play was only $0.25 to $0.50.Paying double for a chance to win more in such a high odds game is a double loss situation to me. 


$18 to $31 million


$50 to $62 million  nice jump PB

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If PB and MM roll three more times, they could be close.


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PB just came off of a record-high jackpot. MM had a very high pot soon after.

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I think its cuz folks are getting there refund checks back from the govt, and splurging on the games.

Its a known fact in our area of town that when the elders get their social security checks on the 1st and 15th of the month, they are inevitably down at the Bingo hall spending it on games. Let them enjoy the retirement years I say! Because By golly by the time I get to that age, there will be no social security to gamble with.


No GameGrl there won't be social security left for you, just the jackpot winnings you'll be enjoying for hitting one of those record breakers! (smile)

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I am sure it is possible that Powerball could have two record jackpot runs back to back but I sure hope not because I want the Powerball Jackpot on wednesday night.-weshar75


I predict the current Powerball run will end before April, hopefully by one of my tickets.



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At least the cash prize is staying constant at 47.2%. Not good but I don't plan on playing until it hits the cap.


Hell, at least the cash jackpot jumped at least $6 million this draw! It is sad that even though Powerball's annuity is bulked up more than Mega Millions', Mega Millions' annuity rollovers are still outpacing Powerball's. I guess the small 30 jurisdictions just can't compete with 12 of the biggest lotteries, especially California.

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