what's the best lottery program redivivus

software for finding abbreviated sum totals???  Im only interested in GA'S FANTASY 5;  the sum totals im interested in are 99-100 and even and perhaps even 95-105.  Any suggestions?  Chris




How curious and bizarre! You show such a strong ROMANTIC interest in me (from a distance!) Yet, you don't know that my lottery software is the best that ever was! Crocodilule, why don't you run my freeware SUMS.EXE? It covers just about every lottery game. SUMS.EXE calculates the number combinations for any sum–total. The program also generates all the combinations for any sum.


Nevertheless, SKIPS.EXE is possibly a much more valuable tool.

Hope this valuable message will…cool your cucumber off!



Ion Saliu
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This person wrote a message to himself?What?

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Thank's Saliu for the tip,


SUMS.EXE is an excellent utility.



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This person wrote a message to himself?What?

Looks like he wrote a message to Datamatix and Crocodilule.

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thanks ion. 

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Don't know why...but Saliu found that post in a 2005 thread and offered an answer now. Perhaps better late than never?

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oh.. ok..


SUMS and SKIPS - two of the most useful lottery programs I've ever used. And then there's UTIL532. If you play pick 5 games, you need these utilities in your lottery "tool chest".

Thanks, Ion...

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Thank you so much, Ion.


Is there a website that I can go to in order to download these utilities?  I would sure like to try them for GA. pick 3.


Good luck to all,


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copy and paste this link:

Ion's programs are free.


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Thanks a lot, wsls.  Will definetely try them!

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