Illinois Pick 3 3/3/2006

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457  670  167  106  047  906  075  607  647  360

705  756  111  222  444

I like these numbers but I dont have any favorite one.




Thank you Lottery Lady  Good luck today

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Sun SmileyHi Lottery Lady,like your choices,the 906 is one of the series number of the day,hope you get a straight,goodluck!

{lucky number 195}

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thanks for the early post

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lotto lady your lookin good I like that  444it could fall today good luck to all players today take care  and lets win

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all the way 444 thanks lotterylady


My picks for today 817,761,075,678,057

Good Luck  everyoneSmile

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Thank you everyone for all your nice posts.  But for tonight my mind is blank. I wish i knew  My 111 came in but in the wrong state.

Good Luck to everyone




079 for sure!

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Howdy All,

Here is what I have for IL tonight. Doubles very likely...

Key number is : 2

Best Pair is : 2X3

Best Bets are : 223,273,222,777,773,778,228,278,293

Best of Luck All,

Bryan  :)

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