Greetings From Michigan

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Hi Everyone,

I recently signed up and thought I'd say hey. Quick background. I have always
had a facination with numbers and until recently played the 3 and 4 digit somewhat

I had played the Michigan Mid-Day 3 of 471 from August 2005 until I finally gave
up on it. It came in Saturday January 14, 2006. I was bummed that I played for so
long and then gave up.

On Friday Jan. 27, 2006 I had a dream about 120. I woke up at 12:09 am, and then
I woke up again at 1:20 am. I played that number Saturday, Sunday, and Monday
to no avail. It came in Tuesday Jan. 31, 2006.

Meanwhile, on Feb. 6, 2006, I was talking with a colleaue that plays pick 3 and 4
and I just mentioned out of th blue that I sjold play my clock number which is
512. I did not and it came in on Feb. 8, 2006.

Last night, Feb. 28, I had a dream about 110. Know if I don't play this and it does
not come in within 4 days, I could speculate that it was a freak occurrence. However;
I don't believe that dreaming about numbers is a freak occurrence, so...I guess I
had better start playing it today.


I have also recently started looking at the skips the numbers have been doing. Since
I am so new, I doubt I have any kind of a system although I know there is more to
it than random numbers falling.

Anyway, Greetings from Michigan.


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Hi Curious2k3 - Welcome to the Lottery Post !!


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Welcome to the Lottery Post Curious! Glad to see another Michigan resident!

Check out the Michigan thread here:

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Thanks for the welcome. CyberO, thanks for the link.

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welcome from georgia  Big Smile

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Thanks for the welcome. CyberO, thanks for the link.

You are welcome!!!Big Smile

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Welcome Curious2k3!

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