IL Eve Info...

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Howdy All,

Here is what I have for IL Eve...

You may want to watch for a few nights...

Series Number is due...

Key Number is : 2

Best Pair is :2X1

Bets Bets are : all series numbers, 901,201,231,243... others are 271,291,334,344,244,751

Best of Luck,

Bryan  :)

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Well Bryan,

We got the series number tonight 546.


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All right you can drop the series. 546 came in tonight. I got a piece of it but I should have had it dead-to-rights. 2 digit return was way overdue and 685 was drawn last night. Doh  

It should have been a give me... The rest of the numbers are still good, best pair and key number still in the game.

Best of Luck All,

Bryan  :)

P.S. Sorry, I didn't post sooner Onenumber...

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