Being Annonymous, The Real Deal Is...

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...never having $ "X" amount of dollars puts the novice at a disadvantage.  WHAT DO I DO WITH THIS MONEY!  If you have 'old money' and you are accustomed to it, you can still blow it if you are not accustomed to managing it!  A very wealthy relative was kidnapped once (turned out to be a disgruntled employee).  If you saw him, you would not know that he had more money than he could spend. 

  1. He never moved out of the very, very, modest home he purchased when he got married.  He lived on the poor side of town (though he had condo's in several states).
  2. My cousins always attended private schools even when their dad and mom were eating peanut butter and jelly; so their schools never changed.
  3. He always had a private phone number.
  4. He was always a hard worker and a savvy investor.  He built his 'lil empire slowly.  In ten years time he was a multi-millionaire!

How did he handle the dough? 

  • He was stingy!  Stingy, stingy, stingy, as )#&!*!_!!*#!(#_!#! and some.  He took care of his mother and father and would give his siblings token gifts every now and then.  He liked giving his younger nieces and nephews an occasional $50.00 bill when he came 'down home to visit'.
  • His philosophy; 'get up off your butt and work for it---I did!  (True A Personality workaholic) Do you think I did it to support YOU????
  • He flashed his money a lot.  Like he would carry regular 'pocket change'--- $10,000.00 to impress those that knew him when he did not have it.  He would give expensive gifts to those that would inflate his ego.  That is why I am still the impoverish forgotten kin.  LOL Ponder  I don't kiss up---so what, he was the beloved brother of my mother!  He was an absolute Jack Rabbit! Well, donkey, well horse well


  • When this aspirin bottle of an uncle made his first million, he was determined to make more millions and never be in POVERTY again.  His personality was as such that if a person was silly enough to ask him for any money, they would be absolutely humiliated and turned down after he made you squirm and beg,  and the answer would still be a resounding NO!
  • He is good, dead, and gone now.  He left a whopping estate behind for his immediate family.  His siblings were left a meagre pittance, considering he was a multi-millionaire.  My generation will only inherit if his two children never have children.  They have none so far, but they have to die, so the next generation is in-line....

Said all of that to say this, you can be in need of a windfall like a lottery jackpot of millions and manage the money 'till death do you part if you are SMART enough to remember what it was like not to have it.  Then if the point of getting the lottery was to live frivolously for a day or year, then mission accomplished AND that waste is their perrogative!  I would just hope that I was in-line to have some of the moneywasted on me, I would know what to do with it.

THE REAL DEAL IS...  This is something new, most creatures are afraid of the new.  So some of them hide.  Some people do not know how to say no; so they get suckered.  Annonymity provides limited security from predators 'cause there are some really sick psychoes out there wanting what they have just found.  So, just relax. 

I am a low-key kinda person anyway.  "Where have you been?????"  Just living life, I say and move on!  When I win the big one, as I have said before, the 'cause' is where the overwhelmong majority will be spent.  I could care less about the average selfish begging "new found friends and relatives".  They might as well stay under their rocksAngry.

KEEP in mind, you want this jackpot, the rules are you will be exposed in most states.  So , if you want the benefits of the game and not all that comes with, then you need to

play another gameDoh

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That's why if YOU want to win the lottery, go to a state where you can be ANONYMOUS !!!!


I say this $**T  ALL the time!!!!!


I live and play in Indiana.  It isn't real practical for me to drive to Maryland and buy lottery tickets.  So...I guess I'll just keep complaining and deal with it when i win.


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