what % of repeating events beats ....

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for example, in some lottery game, a 3 is drawn 450 times, the distribution of numbers that follow in the next draw lean more towards a 6 as a pick for the next game after a 3 is drawn... how big of a bias needs to be exhibited before it could be considered a better bet than other numbers?

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Hypersoniq You brought up a good question. While I don't have a good answer for your question. I have looked at repeating series of numbers throughout the history of match 5, lotto, and mega mill. I was specifically looking for digits that repeated 3 - 4 or 5 times. I found certain digits favored each other like example would be 04-05-09-15 may have came out seven times with other remaining digits. Say over a ten year period. Sometimes within months or weeks of each other and other times within years of each other. My thinking on this is there had to be certain digits that came out more than other digits. And finding those digits and wheeling them might prove lucky at some point down the road. I figured I would have to make several tickets say 5 or 10 using this idea and play them when the timing was right.

There are hundreds of three digit repeat numbers like 01-04-05- /// 02-04-05 /// 06-07-10 etc.
I put the whole list in ascending orders of those games and am trying to filter out all the junk numbers and find the most popular lines that have repeated throughout the range of the games. Have you experimented with this idea.



if you use Ion's pick632 software you can create a wonder grid for top pairs or check the skips of how 3, 4, and 5 digits repeating in the next draw

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I'm thinking of a big project that has a worksheet for each number, on that sheet is data about that number, what has followed it in the next draw, what it most comes up with, and how often it pops up

hoping to enter a draw, then go to each corresponding worksheet to see what the next best bet might be. each sheet would have positional sorted data, positional draw order data and overall non-positional data. also looking to separate wed. and sat. draws (this is for PB BTW, similar would apply to MM)

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    I've been there and done that. Next draw followers didn't track well for California. It yielded inconsistent and unreliable results when applied. Perhaps, it might do better for another state.

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