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I have a problem with the "calculate" showing on the bottom of my screen. It wasn't there before I dragged and filled a lot of cells. Now, when I enter something in a cell it recalculates. Any suggestions.


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Don't quite know what you're saying. 

Are you trying to get around the re-calc until you're ready to save your work? 

I know it is under options in excel but my sheets are recalculating now & I can't get to the info.


Play around with it |=) 


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No Kim, It wasn't there before Idid the drag and fill. As soon as I did that, it jumped on. BTW, nice pictures of your family.


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Thanks.  : )

Wish I could help you; but as I have said, my sheets are in calc mode at the moment. 

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It disappeared, gone. Problem solved.


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that's where you can control the behavior of the autocalculate feature.

you can pick automatic/manual (using the F9 key)/manual with autorecalc on exit.

sometimes copying/pasting large amountsof data causes it to hang "in limbo" until the program catches up... it eventually does tho.

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