southern lotto pick 6 game for TN,SC,NC


konane had me thinking of this idea.if north carolina,south carolina and tennessee put together a game similar to virginia,georgia and kentucky like a pick 6 lotto and called it southern lotto would you play would have a rolling jackpot.the game would be a 6/42 matrix game....


I voted "not sure at this time." It sounds intersting, and might work if there's cash option. The 6/42 matrix would have lower odds and that might encourage folks to buy more tickets.

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I said not sure.  NC and SC may start something together like the "Carolina Pick 6" or something...  But TN will not be part of it IMO.  I think TN is looking into a "lotto" type game but it will be only one state.  TN...  I think TN needs to look at adding more draws to Lotto 5 before they do anything else though.  Seems like the first few months the TN lottery was around they did everything so fast... (Starting Sales early,starting Cash 3 early,bringing PB within 3 months, then lotto 5 in the fall....)  Then boom!  No new games for a while.  The good news here is atleast they are putting a lot of thought into these games. That's why TN never joined Lotto South.



I agree with Tnplayer805,NC and SC may link up one day,but because of the difference in state taxes,I don't think Tn would join them.


6/42 would be much too small for the three states. Even 6/49 was not big enough for LS.


I think a great regional game would be the combo of:


This would truly be a lotto south and if they could get FL to join, it could be as big as MM one day.


Ain't gonna happen, but it would be cool if it did.

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