QUADS QUADS QUADS....2005-2006


one of these states will have quads next....

oregon,indiana,michigan or connecticut..

quads have hit 11 times since the start of 2005 in these states......


oregon just like i said.....

0000-march 17,2006



South Carolina has been throwing some reallyweird Pick 3's and Pick 4's.  With the oncoming games in NC I think that they are getting ready to do something big within the next couple of weeks.  Maybe even today.  I have been tracking the Pick 3 and Pick 4 games in SC since it's inception and the results have changed dramatically over the last couple of weeks.  Do you think that htey will throw a quad this month and if so which quad is most likely?


i think to be on the safe side we should bet quads in both tennessee and south carolina.there isn't any telling what quad could come in......


Thank LottoMike

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Here is how your stxs are running,

  • 3-16 m   3261        3-16-m    234 
  • 3-16 e    4136        3-16-e     767
  • 3-17 m    4450       3-17 m    838
  • 3-17 e    4150        3-17 e      443 

as you see you are due for 444 or 4444

also the 443 ev came out of the p4'



Saleo: I've been looking for 444 and 4444.

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You see they are in the stxs,and see how simple the stxs are to use,I get a lot of p4 & p3 Sts  by using it, it dosen't work always but it's a winner if you study how to use it,I think you will get one of them,Quad or a Trip if not both.


thanks sal!!!   very well could be 4444 coming.....

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Indiana Midday 4 for Saturday will be either 1111 or 3333.

Its in the cards.


everyone indiana is next don't miss out.........


look for michigan,connecticut,indiana or kentucky next for quads......

who knows south carolina or tennessee could hit its first quads.....

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ga/va cash 4 = goes as follows: 5833-9215-4431-9553-5535 :cash3 goes as follows:355-133-*413*-435    *WIN BIG**WIN BIG**WIN BIG*

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Ohio had 4448 midday. could this mean 4444 or 444 coming soon?


I think it will be  1111 -- After doing some checking, it seems that 1's come more often when you think it will be 4's


Good luck !!!!

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