wheel pick 4


besides a spreedsheet is there a program that will "wheel" some pick 4's


Power Lotto Wheeler has these Pick4 wheels: 6 to 10 numbers guarantee of 3/3, 3/4, 4/4

                                                                          7 to 18 numbers a guarantee of 3/3 & 3/4

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Ininuga is a PC program, intended for creation or improvement
(minimization) of abbreviated lotto wheels. It allows any choice of
parameters (v, k, t, m) in range 1..32. (See: What are Wheels for
explanation) A typical time to do this job varies from fraction of a
second to several hours, depending on parameters (and consequently the
wheel size). A non optimized (far too big) wheel is made fast, then
reduction goes ever slower. When started from scratch, the final size
is not always impressive compared to some wheels I saw published on the
Web (e.g. Peter's Wheels Page), particularly in well researched Pick-6
(k=6) area. But Ininuga may turn out to be strong in finding further
reductions of wheels, made by other methods. (Not so in m=t area, at
least I found no improvement to wheels from La Jolla - but I only tried
a few)

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besides a spreedsheet is there a program that will "wheel" some pick 4's

I use versabet3/4 to do exact wheels for the 3 and 4 game.
It also has some filters built right in on the Quick generator as it is called.

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