LottoSouth...what happens Saturday?


What happens Saturday on the last drawing if no one wins 6 of 6? Does the 4.5 M get split between the 5 of 6 winners? Could be odds worth playing. Does anyone know? 


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Littlemenjen, I hope they do the same payout as what happen to Ohio Lotto Plus last year. If nobody wins the jackpot, Lotto South will pay out more money for other prizes.


Does no one know this answer please? Todd?  I can't seem to find it myself. Thanks.

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You may want to send an e-mail to the GA Lottery and ask them.

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On VA's page it says the last draw, if no one wins will pay double.


On VA's page it says the last draw, if no one wins will pay double.

Interesting.  I was wondering what they were going to do if no one hit the jackpot on the final draw.

If I'm not mistaken, Lotto South usually pays out between $200,000 - $300,000 per draw (when no one hits the jackpot).  The current cash value of Lotto South is $2.25 million.  If no one hits the final jackpot and they double the payouts, they will probably payout between $400,000 - $600,000.

That means they'll keep the remaining $1.65 - $1.85 million (if no one hits the jackpot).


so, them keeping that much is a fair thing?  Geez, I need to get you guys and open up a lottery, have impossible odds just for fun, get fools like us to play for awhile, then close it off and  and say I will pay double on the last drawing and pocket over a million, then walk away........anyone want to join me? LottoMike? Chewie? LosingJeff?


I guess the three states will be screwing the players if they won't be paying out the entire jackpot 2/25, then they (GA at least) will be screwing the players again with Lose for Life.

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I was in VA today picking up my Mega Million tickets and I inquired about the new Win for Life pick 6 game.  Actually its not that different from the milllion dollar games, you still pick 6 numbers or quick pick.  You can also do partial picks which is let's say you wanted to pick 3 numbers and you want the computer to pick 3 numbers you can do that on one play slip. just by putting in the 3 numbers you want and mark easy pick and that will fill in the last 3 numbers.  Your jackpot prize won't be millions of dollars but it will be match 6 of 6 and you win $1000 a week for life which is kind of creepy because what if you died the next week.  The ticket can't be claimed as by surviving relatives like the jackpot games can.  Your numbers are between 1 & 42  , I just feel they got rid of lotto south just to bring a new version, the odds are not any better and they have added something called a free ball which has to match in order to win a top prize also of $52,000 which is match 5 of 6 + free ball. and if you only match 5 of 6 then you win $600 and so on.  I suppose if I play it, it will make some kind of sense so I will just stick to the pick 3 & 4 & Mega Million. 

Since we in NC will be getting Powerball, Virginia has not seen the last of me since they have MM.

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