Genetic Algorithm


Any one have good experience using Genetic Algorithm to select numbers?

Did you write your own or use commercial product? 



GA's are a way of searching a solution space in a few minutes, which could take years of computer time doing exhaustive search.

Another new method which is proving very fast is " Ant Colony Optimisation "


Ants might be able to run telecommunication networks better than humans.

Researchers have found that control programs based on the foraging behaviour of ants can keep data networks running more efficiently and cope with congestion better than many human alternatives.

They believe that other computational problems could also be tackled using algorithms or techniques derived from the behaviour of ants.

Already some companies are using the ant systems to do a better job of managing delivery networks and supply chains.

Powerful together

Individually, ants may be stupid, but put enough of them together and they manage to build nests, grow fungus as food, farm other insects, and even weave their own shelters.

When ants forage, they randomly wander the forest or jungle floor and lay a trail for nest-mates to lead them to a source of food. Many individual ants may discover different routes to the same food but the shortest path that leads to it will have the strongest concentration of pheromone, a chemical indicator laid down by the ants.

It will swiftly become the most popular path because it is the smelliest and easiest for the ants to spot and track.

"What they find in the environment is determined by what's done previously by other members of their colony," said Professor Dorigo."

There is a free ActiveX Control which demostrates these methods:


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Gee Spot9 and Bitrunner

Maybe this GA product could backtest the Sat. Florida Lotto results for some of us here at LP.


Particle Swarm Optimization is similar to the ant colony theory. You can think of draw numbers being neighbours and try and find what other number those attract. There are C and VB source codes available.

Check out



How could particle optimization and ant optimization be used to say predict the sum of 5 or 6 balls? perhaps a fitness function employing some statistical function?


Ah yes, getting any prediction out of it is the hard part. Produces nice graphical effects but that's not of much use. I did work something out based on three objects (balls) being together and then being drawn to an attractor (the bottom of the mixing drum) and had some interesting results but I have not had time to test it out much. You have to have a good imagination with chaos and attractors!!!

Unfortunately, my math years were long ago and I have to work with very simple concepts.

I'll post it once I have a more data.

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.....  speaking of ants  I bought this ant farm in this space age gel and it was marvelous to watch them digging holes to nowhere and piling this gel stuff on the side. Some ants were leaders and some fell by the wayside-some ants had a plan and some didn't know their heads from the hole in the gel. Last but not least it was always interesting to watch them move and bury the carcasses that got in the way of the digging. 

    The numbers for the day  are  2951  2883  3690    2100

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