Compulsive Gambling.

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As most of you here know, I am an RA at Ohio University. Well, one of the residents on my floor is showing signs of problem gambling. Do any of you know any resources where I can help him, or even how to confront the issue?

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in ohio call

Please Play Responsibly
For Help with Problem Gambling
call 1-800-589-9966


i hope he gets it under control.good luck....


He can only help himself.  Non-smokers will never convince a smoker to quit; they same applies to any addicition.  You have the problem, you have to want to solve the problem.  If you want to solve the problem, all you have to do is look around you - and see beyond the addicition.

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I had twenty years of casino work and one of the most common tiopics in the breakroom anfd after work was "degenerate" gamblers. (That's the casino jargon for compulsive, out of control gamblers).

A person can only drink so much and they'll pass out, they can only do so many drugs and they'll pass out or OD, but when it comes to gambling well the gambling is truly insatiable. Every person that shows up at GA eventually admits to having stolen so they could keep playing.

One of the degenrate gambler's biggest problms is that they have to be inaction, i.e., they have to have a bet going on something.

The people here gave you the right sources, but like Chewie said, he has to help himself, has to want to seek help.

GA has a 20 point or so questionnaire about "Do you have a gambling problem?" Might be worth checking their site out. 

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That is something that I guess each and everyone of us is ceptable to ... I know that what I do is I set down for the month and I pay ALL my bills out of the 1st week of the month. Then I play my Lotto Pool's at work my the month and then only allow myself so much money a week on instants and no matter what I won.... I always make sure that I put what I spent back and then play the extra if there is anything  to play for more!

I fear that somehow something may come my way that beats me and my will but I just think that alot has to do with that I have 2 children and alot of responibilities and that is what makes me stay walking on the straight line. I hope that you friend gets help and control back...  and as for you YOUR ONE HECK OF A FRIEND TO BE CONCERNED! I AM SURE that when its all under control  YOU will be the one that he thanks! Star

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