Have the # of members increased?

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Todd, do the number of LP members increase after  the big jackpot causes all the madness?

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Which madness are you referring to?


Thats cold!


Todd saw less then a !000 viewers on line Saturday night    more MM lovers at the post

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It's because I put an intercept page up.  Since most people were looking for Powerball results, when someone clicked to Lottery Post for the first time after 11:00 PM, they got a plain white page with the Powerball results in big letters.  From there, gthey could go to Lottery Post or to USA Mega (their choice).

I did this so that Lottery Post would not get hammered by millions of people just looking for the results.  (For example, it was almost impossible to get onto the Powerball main page from about 11:10 PM until about 11:40 PM.)

That was the first time I've ever done that, and it was extremely successful.  Lottery Post remained at a high level of service continuously.

The people who did nothing except look at the results page were not counted as an active user of the site.  I'm not really worried about setting records on simultaneous users, to be honest.

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I was referring to all the big jackpots that cause all the hype and was just curious whether that  increases the volume of members, since most people go to the net to check the numbers and search for lotteries. It happened to me. This is how I discovered USAMEGA.COM Just recently we started to see huge jackpot more often. More members to you,  both of the sites are great. They beat any state run websites.

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