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Howdy All,

What do you find to be a telltale sign for which sum to use next? For instance, using Versabet I can see (in most states) that a sum will repeat within two drawings a significant amount of time. I find that amazing. Anybody got an explanation for that?

I would also love to hear your telltales signs for sums.

Thanks and Good Luck,

Bryan  :)

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The sums 13 and 14 appear 75 times in the 1,000 possibilities. In three drawings after a combination with this sum appears the chances of a combination with the same sum appearing in the next three drawings is 225::1,000, or 1::4.44. Other sums have longer odds.The sums 0 and 27 (000 and 999, respectively) have odds of appearing in any three given draws of 3::1,000, or 1::333.33. I would think this would be reliant on how you define the term "significant".

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the only explanation I could give for that , is just like when some numbers get do the sums...I have seen the sums repeat 3 draws in a row sometimes here in its just a hot streak as it is with pairs or or single digits...that is why CD always says "play whats hot"

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It really depends on how you see it. Sometimes an overdue sum is the way to go if that's how you are programmed. If you like playing what's hot and you're comfortable with it, then that's what you do. However, I do see a number that gets "hot" and then as soon as you decide to play it, it goes "cold".

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