your state sold mega millions & powerball

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would you play mega millions and powerball if both were offered in your state?

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As I wrote in another post, I'm sort of happy we don't have either one here since it's just more money to throw away twice a week. However, I think I'd play one of them, probably PB. 


I wish we had both in TN and not just one it would save me a trip to GA every week. I usually only play these two games any way.

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you don't have to drive to can play online at played tonights powerball on betslips since the weather is bad and i can't get to the store.....


Yea I know but if I go, I get gas and my tickets. It is not a total waste of time. besides that I get to go over the nickajack lake and I like to look at the birds and wildlife. I also marvel at the mountains and the beauty of them. So if we had both games here in TN I would miss that but on some days I would miss the time alone in the car with nothing but nature as my entertainment.

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Instead of driving to GA once a week...  Select MultiDraw.  The multi draw option is what I pick everytime I play.  It is so great.  I have both PB and MM tickets here in Mobile (about 3 hours from a MM state and 6 hours from a PB state).  You are right about Nickajack lake.  It is nice to see the MTNS and the lake. 


I already play both, because I can.  If they were both in my state I would be overjoyed.  No state tax on either would give me MORE money to enjoy.  If I hit PB tonight I would have two choices.  Move to PA immediately and save taxes, or stay where I am, and pay New Jersey tax on the winnings.  8% of the cash value would be a prime incentive to change states immediately.

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Since I live in PB state and am only a half hour drive to a Mega state, I still PREFER MEGAMILLIONS. Why? The jackpot payout is often greater. MB knows to give to the people and not pocket more revenue.

Too bad though that the state I drive too has never had a jackpot winner for the MB, but I would like to be the first to change that for them! :)

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I would like to have Mega Millions here in Oregon along side Powerball because I would stop going to the casino and play Mega Millions and Powerball regularly.-weshar75

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It would be nice, but it would never happen.  MUSL has some sort of no-competition clause in their contracts with the state, making it impossible for any powerball state to carry mega millions and vice-versa.


LOTTOMIKE, my vote is for when one game's jackpot is big. If either jackpot in CA playing MM or PB reaches 300 million or more, I would play. I hope that CA scraps CA SLP and enters PB with bigger odds.


I already play both.  I live in Maryland and play MM there.  I work 5 minutes from the D.C. line and I drive in to pick up PB when the jackpot crosses the $50,000,000 mark. 

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