Study on Pick 4 for Jeff's Indiana.

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I am sure that Jeff would like me to give Indiana "Hell" just for a little bit longer.

Their biggest fear besides being caught "fixing the numbers" might be people winning on their pick 4 games.

So I will take a look at their pick 4 numbers, a little at a time as I have time, this will be my very first time that I take a look at the pick 4, I hardly know anything at all about that game, but I will begin to learn here on this thread using Indiana's pick 4 numbers.

It is so hard to do almost anything filter wise with the pick 4 due to not there being hardly any software at all for that game.

Good off-line pick 4 filters programs are needed really bad.

More later.

By the way, for the next few months Indiana's daily games (Pick 3 and 4) are going to be a good part of my filters posts, maybe also Florida's, but I am not so sure about that-one yet.


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  I've been following this post and the filters post. It would be much appreciated, if you included Florida.


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I have read that florida is very bad too, so I will also try to do it.

A possible indicator of "Foul Play" might be when the next winning number has any filter patterns that are exactly the same as that of the last winning number and the more patterns that are the same the more possible "Fixing" that was done, also this same can apply to the next winning draw in relation to 2nd, 3rd and 4th draws, but mostly to the very last draw, the more things the same the more possible FIXING that was done, so look out for any such indicators.

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The frequency in which any repetitions of patterns happen is also an indicator, the more often that such repetions happen the more possible fixing that was done.

Possible examples with the pick 3 from Indi:

By the way that also applies to from Mid to Eve and Eve to Mid draws.

Indiana Midday 3 Previous Lottery Results Draw Date Results
Thu, Feb 16, 2006 0-3-2
LLL EOE 05Sum 5LDR5Root
Wed, Feb 15, 2006
5-8-9HHH OEO 22Sum 2LDR 4Root
Tue, Feb 14, 2006 0-4-1
LLL EEO 05Sum5LDR5Root
Mon, Feb 13, 2006 6-7-5
HHH EOO 18Sum 8LDR 9Root


Indiana Daily 3 Previous Lottery Results Draw Date Results
Thu, Feb 16, 2006 2-5-7
LHH EOO 14Sum 4LDR 5Root
Wed, Feb 15, 2006

Tue, Feb 14, 2006 1-9-6
LHHOOE 16Sum 6LDR 7Root
Mon, Feb 13, 2006 8-7-6
HHH EOE 21Sum 1LDR 3Root

Those are very clear examples of what I said on the above post.

Cross reference also the Mid draws with the Eve draws as I do.

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Did you say Random ? Random my @$$ !

Well boys and girls, What do you think ? Do I have a case ?

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In retrospect or whatever the word is, it is incredible that I could pull one on them as I did and even straight, that takes more than just skill, when a game is obviously so manipulated as Indiana's is, I am even amazed at my own self.

As Little Old Lady says "Knowledge is Power" it sometimes can even beat the worst fixed games, not just regular random, but both combined. But not on every draw of course.

Learn your filters.

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Don't again believe on all the trash that you always hear about random.

Past winning draws don't lie, same as dead doctors don't lie either (And that goes for lawyers too).

Jeff, When are you going to court to get your $10, 000, 000. from the Indiana lottery ? Soon, I hope !

I should had named this thread "Indiana Under Fire" Mad

By the way, before I did that post I had no idea what-so-ever that I was going to find so much incriminating evidence on those draws, I didn't know, I suspected, yes, but didn't know for sure.

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For Indiana is easier and faster to do as they do (Fix Draws),because of their computer draws, but it is hardly impossible to do the same with mechanical draws of any kind.

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Thanks Lantern! It is so good that you see this blatantly as Jim and I. I do have a ridiculous amount of combo losers with not one cent back! Thats how they treat their players. Where u from? Send me an email and let me know. Would like to hear more about you. Thanks a bunch! Jeff

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My browser's javascript is off but I tried to send to you a P.M. I don't know if you got it or not.

I am from San Antonio, Texas and the lottery here is not very good either, not at all.

But as with Indiana, most people don't care.

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For the past all that can be done is to study the patterns of past draws and see what is there to be seen, for the future to study new draws as they come out and compare them to past draws, also low state lottery payouts are a source of info together with lottery sales.

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Indiana's payouts aren't even close to other States. What is the likelihood of that? You know that Indiana doesnt offer a 50 cent  daily 3 and 4 game like other States. If they did that they would lose those dollar bills for each play. Get with the program Hoosier Lottery! Offer a 50 cent game so poor people like me can play.

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Take a look at these:

Midday 3  0-0-1  Fri, Feb 17, 2006
Daily  3  1-0-0  Fri, Feb 17, 2006

I have a feeling that the Indiana lottery is never going to learn.

What such open corruption, they don't seem to be aware that everybody every where can see this.

They need to give all the money back to everybody who ever bought any tickets from them and with interest and even extra money to people like Jeff for their emotional pain. $ 10, 000, 000. to Jeff.

Shame to the Indiana lottery.

It just came to my mind that I am wasting my time with them, I can't help Jeff in as much as I would like to, only a lawyer and an investigative reporter have any chance of helping him, also he might be addicted to gambling,he might need help with that also.

I also had another insight, if I tell people about pick 4 filters and or if I post about them, all that I will be doing is teaching the state lotteries to $crew those games even more than they might already be by themselves and most regular people would not learn about the proper use of the filters anyway, I will only be making things worse for the very few people who already know how to use those filters, why should I help the state lotteries to do with the pick 4 as they are doing with the pick 3 ?

I was mistaken, I will not after all make any pick 4 filters posts, things are already bad enough as they are.

Ion Saliu hides his filters, he is smart to do so, Even if that makes his programs hard to understand and use.

Yes, I will after all make no pick 4 filters posts, I will abort this thread.

Sorry to CarBob and everybody else about this.

I am also leaving Indiana alone after all, Indiana can't be touched unless they are taken to court.

My advice is: Just don't play those games, unless you can be fairly sure of winning due to your knowing how to do so.

Good luck to everybody.

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