Remaining Anonymous for Winners?


Ok, the powerball right now is 365 Million right now and it makes many people dream(well, I even dream when it is at 12 mil)...

 Anyway, how would a jackpot winner remain anonymous?

 I've heard people can setup a blind trust or something like that.  How does that work and what type of fees are associated with that?

Tell me your thoughts. 


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I'm not sure you can do it.

I keep hearing over and over that either the play slip or the back of the ticket, the actual ticket, is itself a press release. If you culd remain anonymous it would probably be the best move you could make, but I'm not sure you can. Especially not with Mega Millions and Powerball.



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OK, this is from the Powerball website, the FAQ's page:



All but three states (DE, KS, ND) have laws that require the lottery to release the name and city of residence to anyone who asks. One state (SC) will keep your name secret if you request it, but if someone files a Freedom of Information Act request, you may have to file a plea with the judge to deny it.
Photos and press conferences are always up to you. Most of the time, it advisable to get it over with the press so that you don't have one or more reporters following you around to get that "exclusive" interview. A few more lotteries may work with you on setting up a trust or other partnership. You should contact the lottery for the details after you win.

I want to see someone take them up "press conferences are up to you", especially on a record setting jackpot.




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Depends on the state. In WA state (a megamillions state) the winner can put the winnings in a trust and devide the money how they want. They can also remain anonymous. In OR state the winner has to be a person (no trusts) and can not divide the money the way they want. I guess the next winner in OR might have to sue to gain that right. It's better to check the actual rules and state laws of the state you play in and not base it on a third party site.

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