early fla latenight feb 16th 2006

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147   047   137   146

247   157   148

these are numbers that can be used as substitutes when changing numbers

1=0               0=5

2=5              1=6

3=8              2=7

7=4              3=8

6=9             4=9

when ever you have a number you use one for the other   eg: 758 can be 458

Goodluck to all and lets win
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047 boxed in the late ball

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Good call alvardo 047 came illinois late ball boxed Hyper

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047 boxed in the late ball

Yes good call for real, way to go !!

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For Miami and Late Night, I am taking your 157 and turning it into 570

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good call alvardo  049  maybe today

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check these didgets out for one more day or if you feel like playing them then go ahead and keep them for a few more days .  one will fall !!!


chippie  if you feel it ,go ahead and do it o.k. 

Remember that 1 could be changed into a 0 whenever you like a number,  just look for the closest didget to change :eg  352  will be 852 more than likely the lead didget has to be changed in many instances ,but its up to you whatever  did get you like to change, go with your feelings and dont let any one tell you different take care and GOD bless everyone.See Ya!

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968  868  958  967

068  987  969 


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968   868  958  967 


068  987    969       666

check these combinations out

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alvardo what do you like for today

please post before 12 midday

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                                   968   958   also 100 and 101

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068 boxed in florida from my previous workout

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check these out for tonight

goodluck to all

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