FYI 999 came to Kentucky

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999 ky about time,,,

6137058 02/15/06 9,9,9 N 02/15/06 KY $0.50 $450.00

sandy hope you had them,,, and many more,,,,, WTG


Quote: Originally posted by Sandy K on February 14, 2006
yup.....I have been seeing for 2 weeks now........

And on that note, I am going to go to bed........good night, everyone....sleep well.

Kentucky...if this is true about the pairs, watch the 222-777-999 the rest of the week, mostly at night.

hope you had it,,, 999

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Hurray!What a very nice surprise to wake up to.....


Congrats to all winners..

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yesssssssss.....a very nice surprise............Dance


i think it had been out since 2001.5 long years for 999 in kentucky.....

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well  kymystical will have to change her signature

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Good morning-love it!!

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well  kymystical will have to change her signature

yes he will Sandy

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