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Not only is the annuity at a new record, but also says the cash value option is $188.2 million, which we know is probably less. I'll bet that cash figure includes the cash in the match 5+0 bonus pool, and the MUSL just hasn't gotten around to announcing the match 5+0 bonus pool yet so that's the best they could do on such short notice.

Texas Lotto Report already has the sales figures up for tonight's (2/15) drawing: $92,537,801. Not only is it surprising that the jackpot was not hit, but also suprising is only sixteen tickets (including two PowerPlay tickets) matched 5+0, which was about ten winners less than statistically expected for the number of tickets sold (if paid pari-mutuel, each match 5+0 winner would have received $324,576 excluding any PowerPlay winnings).


When does the match 5 bonus kick in?


Editgap, Powerball's match 5+0 bonus pool should already be in effect. Since the $365 million jackpot is $25 million over its last record, which was set last October, any cash in excess of the cash value of the jackpot is in the bonus pool, and any greater than expected sales (which will almost certainly happen) for Saturday's drawing will increase the money in the match 5+0 bonus pool instead of the jackpot. The only way the jackpot can get bigger on this run is if it keeps rolling (unlikely), but will only increase by $25 million each time until it is won, again, with the extra cash adding to the match 5+0 bonus pool. When the record jackpot is eventually won, all the money in the match 5+0 bonus pool is distributed equally among the match 5+0 winners in addition to the $200,000 prize plus any PowerPlay winnings (the match 5+0 bonus prize is not fixed and is therefore not multiplied by the PowerPlay option). If the record jackpot is won this Saturday, $390 million will be the new "trigger" for the match 5+0 bonus pool.


It has matched the current record


Yes, the MUSL did correct the cash value option - they now have it listed as $177.3 million, which is probably correct, which implies that $10.9 million is projected to be in the match 5+0 bonus pool for Saturday.

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It could be that sales were not as good as expected, and that they just had enough to fund the jackpot and nothing left over for the match 5 bonus pool.

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Give me the 5+0 bonus pool any day.

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