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I play PB, MM, and State Lotteries.  I do not live in a lottery state, but I live within driving distance to a PB state and I have friends who play for me in MM states.


I usually play in a state lottery as my vote, but only if CA SLP reaches 48 million or more. If I play MM only (my second choice vote), I would play it only if reaches 300 million or more.


If you're a NYer like me, it's much better to play a multi-state game. NY Lotto has terrible prizes.

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I have played Powerball, Mega Millions and Oregon Megabucks this year.  I have won $56 on Powerball, $7 on Mega Millions and 0 on Megabucks this year.  That is the highest I have gotten in prizes on those games.-weshar75 

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I've played PB,MB,Unlucky For Life, MAtch6, Cash 5 and tried to play Pick3. Thus far I'm about 200$ in the hole this year....Hoping to get one decent hit to change that pattern. Hopefully with the 10x multiplier in PB I can recoup some of my deficit. My Group Lottery pool ( all of 4 ppl) have broken even thus far on PB.

Playing other state games has been okay. Right now I'm actually ahead in the Maryland version of Match6. Although you need to hit more numbers just to get a break even pay out.

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I play everything. I drive up to Delaware every now and then and play Powerball. I have a winning ticket from Delawares' Multi-Win Lotto to cash in on my next trip there.

Their Multi-Win Lotto pays $2.00 if you don't match any of the numbers. In Maryland's game you must have at least 3 matching numbers on the first line to win anything.



i play powerball on average maybe once or twice a month.i've played mega millions online one time so far.i play tennessee cash 4 everyday online instead of in person because you can play for a quarter and you get more picks for your money.i will eventually branch out into playing more states online in pick 3 and pick 4........


Based on the numbers, we have a board of gamblers.  I'm surprized no one has bet on the speed of the paper being blow down the street by the wind.  They whould have the same chance, or better, of winning that bet then the lottery.  Hummm, where is the end of the betting line?

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