what would you do if you won 300 million?


what would you do if you won a 300 million dollar jackpot?

i would...

donate to various charities
help various family members
get my business affairs in order
decide what i want

go on a massive spending spree..houses,cars,etc.

put the rest in the bank and have fun with life......


i also have a saying.....

what would jack do? well do the exact opposite,lol.jack whittaker the record setting jackpot winner couldn't seem to stay out of trouble and his family is in ruins.don't let it happen to you.......


Use 30% to start a business, 28% in a long term investment with my financial planner, 12% for all home/auto/children/ misc.stuff/ fun spending,10% divided amoung immediated family, 8% into a bank CD (3 yr), 5% to charity, 5% let Suze Orman tell me where to invest it... 

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i would spend two weeks in a whore house. Evil Smile


i would spend two weeks in a whore house. Evil Smile

be careful,lol....remember my saying what would jack do...thats something jack did.too bad this isn't the 70's anymore.too many diseases these days.


I'm pretty sure the very first thing I'd do would be to change my pants...

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i would spend two weeks in a whore house. Evil Smile

...paying off all their pimps so that they could get a clean start (no pun intended) in life.  I know you inadvertantly left out that part of your post.  LOL.

I would get L-U-M-P Sum:

  1. Give 20% to the Church.
  2. Suze Orman sounds like a good idea...25% to her advice/suggestions
  3. Real Estate investments 10%
  4. The Universal Cause that I play for that is much bigger than me...40%
  5. My Immediate Family 2.5%.  All those other relatives can go straight to &(*!^(!#!&) without passing "GO".  Did not know me and ran from me when I was destitute and keep running!  If they were in dire straits, I would help anybody to get out of the immediate crisis, i.e. it would be a life/death situation that I might ponder over---I'd make 'em sweat Cussing Face(like Joseph did) but help in the long run. It would be hard for those "relatives and friends to know though, 'cause my win would be as secret as it could possibly be!  That might mean that the big mouth in my immediate family might just have to wonder why suddenly there is money...ShockedNo joke, I mean secret!  Maybe the dream house might give it away? 
  6. Me, me, me!  A world tour starting in Africa (must find a gem mine that I can purchase), then to China, then to the Amazon area in South America that produces a large amount of tropical fish!  Build my dream house, buy some horses, stock a wall-to-wall/ceiling-to-floor aquarium with the unique tropical fish I captured from the Amazon, drink lots of sweet tea and lemon ade, get a fitness center built in my dream house, get a cottage somewhere in WA so I can see Mt. Rainer in the backdrop, a cottage in the mega center of the big cause, buy a grand piano, hire a cook, grounds person, and housekeeper, and be eternally grateful everyday that financial relief came to a pauper like me!


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