Weekend off

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          I took the week off from LP.  I had company from out of town.  I  cannot believe how relax I have been since I have not set in front of the computer as much.  I will be checking in off and on as I began to work on the vtrac program.  Hope everyone had a profitable weekend playing pick 4.  I only ran a few numbers for the weekend on Friday before company got here and so far, nothing.. lol  Did get the pick 3 in TN on Friday..  and after teaching the vtracs to company,  came up with TN pick 4 for tonight. Other than that, it was a slow weekend in the gambling world.

    Take care, and win lots this week.. Will check in later..



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Glad you took some time off. It's good to come back refreshed.

I get to go to Mexico today for a one day business trip....yay for me. I'm still deciding whether to take a carry on bag or just a tube of toothpaste and a toothbrush. Yes, that short of a trip.

As for the weekend, I made out pretty good this weekend. Hit the P3 and P4 for evening. It's a first for me. Hopefully, it's not the last.  



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