MI P3 Analysis for 2/12/06 Evening


Here is my analysis for Michigan's Evening draw on 2/12.  My database is very small right now, but it is large enough to show some trends.  I hope you can use this information. To better understand some of my terms, see my blog.
This is based on the last 13 Evening draws.
Here is the 10-digit number for this evening:
Here are the number of times the positions of the 10-digit number have hit. This is only 1 "hit" per draw, so a double only counts as 1:
1= 3
2= 7
3= 3
4= 2
5= 4
6= 5
7= 3
8= 2
9= 2
0= 4
Notice that position 2 has hit 7 times. That "real" number is 6.  That would be my "Key" number for this draw.
Even/Low = 2
Even/High = 1
Odd/Low = 2
Odd/High = 8
One digit repeated from previous draw 8 times.
Two digits repeated from previous draw 3 times.
No digits repeated 3 times.
Odd/High changed from one draw to the next 1 time and was the same 11 times.
High/Low changed from one draw to the next 5 times and was the same 7 times.
"Rare" numbers (not including rare doubles) have not hit in the last 13 draws.  They usually hit every 7 draws or so.  I know I say play what is hot, but I would give serious consideration to playing a rare number (pure odd, pure even, or series).
The last draw was 116 which is an Even/Low and the 1s repeated from the previous draw (071).
I'm not tracking sums, root sums, or vtracs.
I hope you find some value to this info and can use it to pick a winner.  My predictions are not based on this data today...I'm using a different method until I get a little bigger database.



Draw = 561.  There is the Key # 6 and there was an error in my post.  I said:

Odd/High changed from one draw to the next 1 time and was the same 11 times.

That should be Odd/Even not Odd/High.  And that worked also because the last draw and this draw were even.

The High/Low stayed the same (Low) as I pointed out also.

It wasn't a "rare" number and I'm still looking for that!


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Thanks CD!



You are very welcome, Mary.

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