*~* 999 and 998 ~*~

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Had a dream last night showing a tic-tac-toe board with 999 coming down left to right diagonally and 998 in middle left to right attached to the 999.

Maybe these will hit soon....  :)



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I like those 9s for today. Thanks for sharing.

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Zoozie-love those 9's-played them for Ky. today

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Tonight - 989 - Western Canada

Hope you folks got it... I sure did!

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6091868 02/12/06 8,9,9 Y 02/12/06 W. Canada $0.25 $75.00

 6091513 02/12/06 6,0,0 Y 02/12/06 QC $0.25 $75.00

yeah i got it too!! really screwed up in quebec though...230 came out 2 days ago...thats 50 or 60 pair. no all evens in 27 draws. it was a similiar pattern that hit in b c in 2005 when i won 1800$. 230 came for my big win...i said 500 or 600..2 draws later..bang...060. gee, why couldn't i think of that tonite..could have cleaned up( could have- gamblers famous last words). more money on the way..math of the pick 3..gotta love it!!

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Congrat's Tungsten Chef

Here's mine...

608288302/12/069,8,9N02/12/06w. Canada$0.25$225.00


Would love to see the trip 9's come out tonight!

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Whew finally got the 999 - Kentucky Evening tonight

Hope lots of you cashed in on it!  :)

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Got IT!

Ms. Pat

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