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From:   "Powerball rolls to $310M !!"

Well, you were half right. Powerball did roll over, but only to $300 million (I'm surprised it didn't go to $310 million though). Since this is the second time it's made it to $300 million since the matrix change, and it hasn't even been six months yet, $300 million is the new jackpot marker for me to buy three Powerball tickets or for me to even play Mega Millions.


YOU live on the river with easy access to PB and MM; yet it takes a MEGA jackpot to get your attention ?

Would it disappoint you to win 120m MM if your chosen (or QP) numbers for the BIG one MISSED next Wednesday but WOULD have hit next Tuesday except that you could NOT be bothered ?

How many posters to this site do you think wished they had your problems ?

You have to be IN it to WIN it !!!.......(duh)


When PB had the 5/53+1/42 matrix, I played whichever game had the bigger jackpot, but got sick of switching between games and especially of going across the river just to play Mega Millions, and no, the numbers drawn for MM would not bother me, since I only play quick picks. I'm too cheap to play both games at once every time.

Consequently, I now play at least one Powerball (since that's in my home state) every drawing no matter what the size of its jackpot; two tickets if its jackpot is at least $125 million; three if it's at least $300 million (just upped from $250 million), and since $250 million was also the point which I'd also play one Mega Millions (never more than one MM ticket, and only if PB is under $250 million as well), the $300 million mark applies to that game too (I know its $300 million jackpot has a higher CVO than PB's but it also takes less rolls for it to get there so I expect more from MM).


".....I'm too cheap to play both games at once every time."

I guess that's what they call "the RUB"

Consider the possibility that the GREATEST value for your money in ANY long odds game is to simply "be in it..."  That way when your numbers hit you can pat yourself on the back and say "I was WHERE I was supposed to be DOING what I was supposed to be doing" aka "I PUT myself in the RIGHT place at the RIGHT time".

Of course the alternative is to still be walking around with that EXTRA buck in your pocket.  O boy !!!

Get it ?

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