A tribute to LOTTOMIKE

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Lotto Mike is a friend indeed

He's always there in time of need

When I lose He's there to say

Dont worry Jeff theres another day

The RNG is Mikes foe

He helps us to stop its awful show

A tennessean perhaps is what we need

Mike is there with his helpful creed

The RNG must go today

Then LosingJeff can start to play

Id like to see him win one time

Just maybe the lottery will give him a dime

Until Jeff wins I sure wont quit

I will do what I can to stop Jeff biting at the bit

Ill help Jim and Jeff to make the Lottery clean

Until it is I will work like a machine

To always keep the Lottery clean

Im LottoMike the losers friend

There aint nothing this ole boy can't mend!


Nice thoughts!

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He is a great supporter Chewie


He is a great supporter Chewie

thanks jeff!!

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Your very welcome Mike


I vote we make LottoMike an Honorary Hoosier. 


(Uh...that may sound like an insult but it's suppossed to be a compliment.) 


thanks uncle jim!!

growing up in the 80's all my favorite players were from there.especially larry bird.never be a better basketball player ever.

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I 2nd that motion Jim


thanks jim and jeff!!


hope you win the powerball jeff!! indiana owes youCheers

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Thanks Mike! If I win the big one I am going to take you to dinner and buy you a Lifetime membership to Lottery Post! Thats the least I could do for your efforts. You have been a great supporter.


i think you deserve'll win the 365 million dollar jackpot and then you can buy the hoosier lottery and then fire them all and bring back those balls......

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You are right Mike! Let's face it; money can get you everywhere but Heaven! If I had that much money I could be a politician and really become wealthy!


you could become lifetime director of the hoosier lottery!

bring back the balls
jeff is on call
he just won the jackpot
gonna clean the lottery up right on the spot

bring back faith in the indy lottery
right now its rusty like old pottery
lots of folks gave up hope
watching their money go up in smoke

but now there is a new determination
the indy lottery is again a sensation
so everybody and all their creation
join the hoosier nation!

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LOL---I am laughing so hard I just got up off the floor!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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