Do You Think You'll Win The Lottery?

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Everyone here keeps talking about how computerized drawings are rigged, and how they're determined to win the lottery, but who here really thinks they will win it someday?  Seriously, who here really thinks that they are going to become a millionaire through matching a certain 6 numbers?

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Am I the only one who voted "yes?"  Okay, I don't really think I'll ever win a big jackpot, but if I was 100% certain of that, I wouldn't be wasting my money.  Sometimes I think "this is going to be the week" and then I realize how silly that is. However, any one of us can get lucky and there's nothing wrong with betting on a little hope.

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Yes. I am planning to win! I could do so much with the $$$$. today I bought my first powerball & pick 3 tix. kinda cool.Cool

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We all think we might win, and it's nice to think you will win, but to count on winning is a bit much.

My first wife used to say when people come out of a casino they look angry because they lost, but when they walk away from a lottery place with their tickets they have hope on their face! 



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I am going to win this saturday's $250 million jackpot and if not saturday then wednesday's jackpot.  I am going to keep playing for that big win until their is no air left to breathe.-weshar75


If you have no faith in winning the lottery that you play, why would you even waste your time and money playing?



I am going to win this saturday's $250 million jackpot and if not saturday then wednesday's jackpot.  I am going to keep playing for that big win until their is no air left to breathe.-weshar75

if that was the case and they canceled the big jackpot games you'd be on life support.......because you have to have air to breathe,lol

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i think i can win the lottery, if i didn't think that i would not play, people win the lottery all the time...winning the lottery is not that hard, you just think it's hand 


If I don't think I was going to win, I wouldn't bet the money.   If it was only for the fun of playing, I could just fill out the slip and watch the results when they come up.   It would be like play Bingo by myself.


I doubt it, but with the way my fiance & I get 3-4 #'s so frequesntly, I imagine we can. We would not play if we did not have hope. But you have to remember..just think of all the times the people who actually had won..told themselves there never gonna win, or have people tell them..why play..your never going to win....


Yes I believe I will win it. 

Positive thinking rules to live by:


If you think you can't do it you're right.

If you think you can do it you're right.



Being totally honest...sometimes I absolutely believe I'll win and sometimes I'm completely convinced I'll never win.  I play for every Powerball draw regardless of size because I believe I have a chance to win.  No that I will win...but that I have a chance to win. 

I also play Powerplay every time because I think the chances of getting 5 numbers is much better than winning a state lottery (1 : 3,563,609 isn't that bad by lottery standards) and would still be a significant chunck of change.

I just hope I win the big one while I'm still young enough to squander...uh enjoy it.




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Ah, Yeah!  That is why I play it.  Not only am I going to win, I am going to win the largest jackpot ever in history, plus three-four more big jackpots.  It might be MM or PB.  I play both, so...  It has always been an ingrained part of my being...nothing is impossible if you have your heart and mind in the right place.  The win is not just for me, it is for a much bigger cause than me.  It will happen.  I believe it, just do not know when, but it WILL HAPPEN! 


With all the predicted snow, I wouldn't be able to get off my mountain until next week!  All that money and snowed in!  That wold be my luck.  $250M and I'm walking.



Do I honestly think I'll ever win the lottery?  Nah, I just enjoy the drive over to the Georgia state line and figure that while I'm there I might as well give a few bucks to the nice folks in the great state of Georgia.   Wink

Seriously though, OF COURSE I THINK I'LL WIN!!!  Since joining Lottery Post, I'm winning more money and I'm still learning more everyday about the different strategies for selecting numbers.  I'm getting closer, that's for sure!

(BTW, I WAS serious about Georgia being a great state -- some really nice folks over there!)


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