How close have you come.......

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i was just wondering how good you guys do in the jackpot games, if you ever come close to winning or never get close at all....





 did you know that Abraham Lincoln and Paul Revere were distant relatives?  What?


I have 3 + mega and 4 of 5 a few times in my life.

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I hit 5of 6 in missouri lotto .


Best I've done on Powerball is 3 numbers or 2 and a Powerball. I did hit 4 out of 6 on Louisiana Lotto a couple of times though. Close, just not close enough.


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I hit 4 out of 6 in the Powerball drawing about a year and a half ago. All white balls. Missed the Powerball number and the other white ball by one digit each. At the time the Jackpot was 93 million dollars. So close, but yet so far away.Cool

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I had 4+0 back in the year 2003 for the hundred dollar prize.  That is it so illusive is that jackpot.


My vote is never more than 3 numbers if you're talking about real money. The most I ever won was $23 in 2001 when I matched one 3+0 for $11 and one 2+1 for $12. If the question was about fantasy picks, I would have gotten 4+0 as my best in 2005 [would be my vote].


When you say 5 of 5 here, i am assuming that includes Jersey Cash 5, not just Mega Millions.

On MM I have gotten recently on one particular drawing: 3+1, 2+1, 1+1 and 0+1.

"missing by one digit" is like saying that SD (South Dakota) and SC (South Carolina) are next to each other because they are "one letter off". 

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won 120 bucks few months ago with a 4 of 6 when the jackpot was 225 million. was definitly scary coming so close.

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i hit 5 out of 6 in canada's 6 49 lotto in 1989. i had a dream . the numbers were..9..17..36..42..44..and 46. it took about a year or so till the numbers showed up. won close to 1900$. i think, but i might be wrong(yeah, lets hope i'm wrong), that was my 1 opportunity to win it all. you don't get many close calls on winning the big one. hit 5 numbers on super 7 about 4 times..average payout 150$. we have a group of 15 at work, been playing for more than 10 years. the most we got was 4 numbers. lousy quick picks , of course. i'm ready to say, " let's try a wheel".  


I have hit 4 of 6 on the pick 6 in FL once and GA twice.

Sometimes get 3 of 5 on the MM or PB but cannot get past 3.....

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3+1 on powerball once without the powerplay... $100

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Some years back I hit 5 of 6 in the Ohio Super Lotto Plus on a $10 ticket.  Afterward I continually tried to repeat that feat until the game ended last year, I thought my system had worked but now I know it was just luck.  So far I have not been that lucky in any other games I've played since. 


I am beginning to appreciate the fact that I haven't got more than 3 + 0 or 2 + 1, after over two years of playing and alot of money. I hope break that record before summer because I feel I made a break through with my system.


Hit 5 of 6 in the Ohio Super Lotto Plus when the matrix was 6 of 40, quite a while back. Quit playing Super Lotto Plus when Ohio Buckeye 5 arrived and hit 4 of 5 twice. Only put money on Buckeye 5 and now Ohio's Rolling Cash 5 with the exception of Mega Millions occasionally when the jackpot gets large.

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