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its sad to see it continue..........


I've always been wondering about these so-called low payouts. I am in no way defending the practice of holding secret, cyber-drawings. But I am wondering how you assume that it's rigged simply because they're aren't a lot of winners. What are the sales figures? If few tickets are sold, few people will win. If 100,000 tickets are sold but only 1 person wins straight on the Daily 3, I would be rightfully suspicious too. But who knows if they're only selling 900 tickets. This doesn't help the cause of cleaning up the Hoosier Lottery if you're just finding half-truths. I need to find the sales figures before you assume the low payouts are an intentional act. I'm on your side, and I want you to do this right.


JimmySand9 is absolutely correct with his point about sales and half truths.  And this is another opportunty to drive home the point about the Hoosier Lottery operating in secret.  I have asked to see Hoosier Lottery sales figures and to date I've received no response to that request.  In the past other people have asked as well and the Hoosier Lottery steadfastly refuses to disclose the sales figures.

The most famous case involved the Indianapolis Star newspaper who asked to see the sales figures and the Hoosier Lottery refused to disclose them.  The Star sued the Lottery and won.  In fact the judge who heard the case completely rejected the Hoosier Lottery's argument and ordered them to pay the Star's legal fees!  

This information is critical becuse as JS9 points out it will show how many people are playing what games and that will give us all a much better perspective on  the payouts.

But even more importantly it will go to the very heart of the cut-off number issues.  Have enough players bet on 9999 (or other numbers) to reach the so-called $2 million liability limit the Hoosier Lottery put forth in their response to Four4me.  Or as the response from the Executive Director to me indicates, is the Hoosier Lottery simply cutting off numbers because the sales won't support paying a winner.  

Once again this is incredible to me.  The Hoosier Lottery says; we have poor sales so we cut off betting on certain numbers because if they hit and we have to pay out a prize we won't be able to make a profit. 

That is completely different from cutting off numbers becasue they hit the threshhold for a mandated liability limit.



Its all about control of the money. The State and Gtech control the money and who gets what. In Texas a study was taken in 2005 which showed that the poor people support the lottery with their dollars than the wealthier people of Texas. The sad truth is the poor don't win the big pots. This money is controlled. All of it. When numbers were ran in this country before the lotterys began it was corrupt. There is no tracking system for the paying public to see. The State and Gtech don't want a tracking system for the public to view. Every lottery game wheter its 6 numbers, five or four should have a tracking system where all people in the state could see the vendor who sold the winning ticket(s), the address and zip code of the vendor and the zip code of the winner(s). Are the people who live in the area winning or are people coming into certain areas and buying winning tickets? Without tracking winners and vendors on the scratch off tickets as well, the people of any state really don't know what is going on. The fact that secrecy is the main goal of all State ran Lottery Agencys from the Commissioners and Directors and their staff should make people write their congress people and get a State wide vote on rules, disclosure, changes in games and machines on the ballots. The people who pay should be given the opportunity to mandate the games, not Gtech and the corrupt lottery officals.


NY has very low payouts on its Lotto 6/59, but for a different reason. It's a cheap game.

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