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This is truly a GREAT forum. Once I started posting, I was doing it to test new methods of helping others and myself. I found out that members were viewing and, I hope, following some of my posts.

On Sat, 1/28, I was rushed to the ER by EMS with an illness that would keep me there for 3 days. I was released in the care of my wife and daughter.

I am doing fine and hope to start posting again by 2/12, or sooner. Even though my computer is on most of the day, I am limited to 1 hr of use at a time. Doctor's orders!

I miss posting, but will follow my family's and doctor's advice.

Thanks LP and especially:



eva53 and


OldTurkey 1/2/06

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waiting patiently for your return, OT.  Lovies

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Old Turkey:  I am glad to hear you're home and on the mend!  Welcome Back!


OT, as I told you in a PM last night ... follow the doctor's orders.  I pray for a fast recovery and we are looking forward to seeing your posts again.



OT...I am so glad you are back and OK... I was so worried about you that I Pm's Emily this morning!  Talking about a coincidence!  Take care... we will wait for youLovies

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Take care and I look forward to your posts once again.


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Looking forward to your return, Godspeed and best wishes to you and your family.


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I pray for a fast recovery...

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You've been missed!

Take care of yourself.


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Take care of number one first...Numbers will always been here waiting for ya when your ready

Get well soon


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Rest up, and come back energized!

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Old Turkey - I'm glad to hear you're home and recouping...listen to your family and doctor, and don't try to do to much at one time...

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Sorry to hear you've been ill.  Rest, sleep, relax and let your body mend.  We'll all be here waiting when your doc says you can resume normal activity!!  Godspeed returning to perfect health!!  Blue Angel




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