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what does the    {    mean on the computer keyboard.....????? 

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{ are called braces

[ are called brackets


They should be on the same key

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but there are [   these also............the bracket is the bottom.....I want to know what { is?

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I believe it is for calculus grouping.  It may be called a sigma

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snakeyes...what does a brace do different than a bracket???

Oh wow, Jorli, calculus...right up my alley.

Just got a phone call from another lottery buff....asking me what the { stands for.......told him I would post it and see what happens........I was gonna wait till Bill came from work....but I wanted to know NOW...thanks everyone.

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You can use those brackets any way you want to in a text file, but in a program they may have defined values or characteristics.


Long before computer programmers, now called developers came along, it was part of mathimatical symbols.  JorliD beat every one to the punch.

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jorli usually

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Thank you Chewie. I vaguely remember it from Calculus.  Just don't ask me how bad I did in the class.

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{} are curly brackets and denote a quantity or set, for example X={2,4,6,8}

sigma is from the greek alphabet... Σ, σ, or ς

Σ generally used to indicate summation in calculus

σ having several uses including standard deviation of a population in statistics, and as the Stefan-Boltzmann constant from physics

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Thank you are always there to answer my question...Big Smile

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