Pick-3 for DUMMIES List No 05.2006

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This weeks Target play digits [5-8] are the same as List No 16.2005 so you can use that list to play, We'll call that the 'Old' way.

The current week No 05.2006 we will call the 'New' way and is a different Ranking on the Power chart.

For those of you that missed List No 16.2005, you can get a FREE copy of the list by request either PM [Private Message] or E-mail me and request List No Q5g16.2005.

Thank you and good Luck to all.

Michael J. Smith, Mike's Computer Picks / Quick Nickels

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Results from Monday, January 30, 2006

mjwinsmithFloridaCash 3Straight + 6-Way Box1-5-81-5-8$290

Using my Magic Wheel Power Ranking chart [16.2005] the OLD way you have 30 Units. Thirty dollars played on this number would bring $15,000.00 hit in the state of Florida. The NEW way the Units are 48 or $24,000.00 in possible winnings.

The next best thing is now the state of Florida is prime for a Q25g Pick-4 number. After hitting the Pick-3 you should have a couple of bucks to go after the 'Big Money' in the daily Pick-4 game. Florida players take note so that you don't miss the next picks which could win you thousands.

Thank you

Michael J. Smith, Mike's Computer Picks / Quick Nickels 

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            DATE: Tue, Jan 31 2006
            TIME: 12:46 PM 

MIDDAY PICK 3 -                
Tue, Jan 31 2006 is 8-5-1

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Thursday, February 2, 2006

Target play due states for the Q5g Pick-3 starting today:


Wash. D.C.


Good Luck to all, thank you.

Michael J. Smith, Mike's Computer PIcks / Quick Nickels

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Friday, February 3, 2006




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Any questions or comments? Let me know before I clsoe out this thread.

Thank you.

Michael J. Smith

Mike's Computer Picks / Quick Nickels

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