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Folks I have been in VA for a week. I got to looking at the past stuff from Pick 3 coming here and think that 523 or 103 is coming here.I got to leave here tomorrow to go back to ID, but if I can be of some help then here goes. Coming soon!!



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I hope you had a nice time in VA what part of VA are you in.  And I will play 523 I played 130 today and tonight.

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1/30 VA EVE 241........That number followed me here from ID and fell 2x's while I am here. I missed that one both times. Came Friday 1/27 Mid 412 then tonight 1/30 241! I still think the 523 and 276 will show. The Pick4 was rolling with the 78,68 pair  there has been several 78/27 pr's showing up regularly in the mid/eve. May get the 276 real soon in VA. Still don't know if it will be day or night but leaning on the Night. Hope I will be some help for VA players.

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Thanks for the help Mony.  I just posted my picks for Va tomorrow and 235 is in mine also.

Just different order. 130 is also in mine.

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I am tonight anyway in Manassas. My flight leaves at 8:40 in the morning. I'm excited about going home and can't sleep so here I am. I'll sleep on the plane.


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Hi Mony,031 is my son's birthday,i will be playing that it is hot and the other number ,i won on it on a qp in Texas years ago,i will play that too,Thank You,Here is a Party for you,WTG!You are the BEST!Hurray!


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Wishing you a safe flight in the morning Mony.

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Thanks Delores and Blackie. Good Luck and many $$$ Blessings to you both.$$$


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