Hoosier Lottery Payouts

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Hi everyone. Did everyone see yesterdays Hoosier Lottery payouts? They were big. Powerplayer is right, after looking at these payouts I have no reason to complain. Actually, I think more people on Lottery Post won in Indiana than did the people playing in Indiana. The Hoosier Lottery is the only complaint I have---no problem with other State Lotteries. By the way, I am glad you are winning here in Indiana powerplayer. Maybe you should start a business giving us winning numbers to play. We sure need your expertise and knowledge. Unfortunantly, you are like everyone else, just cant believe that a lottery could be rigged. How much have you spent in past years playing the Hoosier Lottery? If you havent played then I assume you have most of your money--is that right? Well, anyways, you are right! I will stop complaining and start bending over a little more. Not much left!Feel fortunate you live where you get the odds back. You have no right to complain. How much do you spend a year on the LOttery? Could you win your State's pic 4 if you spent 200 a day for 30 days. Win I say win I mean a box for a measly hundred. What is 200 per day as far as numbers? Well 200 x  24 = thats 4800 numbers out of 10000. Sound easy enough? Come here and try it. Good Luck

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