favorite forum on lottery post


what is your favorite forum on lottery post?


my favorite would be the news........

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I like discussion cause it covers everything.

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i like the mega millions challenge

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I would like the math forum best, but there is much more chance of starting a good thread on "Lottery Systems"... so I pick that one ;-)

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The News has sparked a lot of discussions at work. It alerts you to some of the pitfalls that fellow lottery players encounter from all over the world. Lots of laughs found there and a lot of hope is established after reading about the good fortunes that some people have had.


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I voted Mystical just because it's the most fun to read.

I also like News and Discussion, but along with picking up good information there's a wee bit of disinformation that goes around.  


i also like jackpot games.the challenges there are always fun.......


The News is the main thing EXCEPT ITEMS ABOUT THE N.C. LOTTERY.. but also sometimes I read up on what systems others have come up with - if they are ok about sharing the info with us.

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systems and pick 3  Yes Nod

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Pick 3-pick 4

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  Banana    Mystical.  Create something out of nothing, pull numbers out of the air. Big Grin Angel

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I love all of the forums....

Top 5 Favorite:


2.Lottery Discussions


4.Math/lottery systems


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Even though I don't read it myself and I don't post in it the winner would have to be pick 3 for most people that use this site. There are far more posts there than in any other forum and many people that post there regularly have 10000+ posts. I think you could pick peoples favorite posts easily by looking where they post the most.


i also like jackpot games.the challenges there are always fun.......

got a 4 out of 5 on the maddog powerball challenge,really starting to enjoy that one a lot!

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